My Books & WIPs

Novels and novellas that are complete, written, in progress, or planned. Some of these titles are to be determined or place holder titles. Final ones will be updated when/if the book is published. For now, this is a way for me to organize planned projects. The hearts mean that it is a project close to my heart right now and my main focus.


  • ♥♥♥ Stigma ♥♥♥ – urban fantasyQuerying
    • Blurb: Two intimate friends, Lestan and Tetsu, stumble into a labyrinth-like alternate universe and are forced to face every awful and wrong thing they’ve ever done, as well as their traumas, all while being orchestrated by a blind, narcissistic ruler with the power to shift reality. Will they survive the personal Hell created for them as punishment for intruding, and will they still love each other when they lay their darkest secrets bare?
  • Ludoviko (sequel to Stigma) – urban fantasy/romance | Drafting 2nd draft
    • Blurb: Ludoviko, a god-like being who resembles a male harpy, slips into a world of humans to escape a great punishment from abusing his powers — which he loses as soon as he crosses realities. He comes across a woman who is a nurse, Rose, who looks just like the queen he once desired and stole his power from. Can Rose fall in love with a narcissistic monster? Will this be Ludoviko’s redemption?


  • Our Stories
    • Writing After Dark – memoir | Now a podcast!
    • What Lies Beyondgothic LGBTQ romance | needs expanding
    • SleepwalkingLGBTQ erotic horror | in progress
    • Lovesong for a Mortician – gothic romance | planned

  • Bittersweet Prince universe:
    • Unholyurban fantasy | written
    • To Become A Princeurban fantasy | planned
    • Bittersweet, Love Is Warurban fantasy/romance | expanding/editing
    • Gabrielerotic LGBTQ urban fantasy (not final) | planning
    • How To Say, ‘I Love You’ In Latinurban fantasy/LGBTQ romance | books 1-3 planned

  • ♥♥♥ The Elite Among Them ♥♥♥erotic urban fantasy | in progress
  • Sin In My Heart (Title TBD) – LGBTQ erotic romance | in progress/written (uncertain right now)
  • Sleep Paralysis – short story collection of my nightmares & sleep paralysis dreams | planned


I have a lot of things I’m excited to finally share. This is a basic idea of what you can expect and the general vibe and style of my writing. I’m constantly a work in progress myself and am always striving to improve, so things will change around on this page often.

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