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Urban Fantasy

Many years ago, Zagan, a vampire, loved his sister. Tetsu, an elf, loved an abuser. Together, they’ve formed a bond that is often questionable because of the many secrets between them. When these dark secrets come to light, one of them involving novice vampire Zagan with too much enthusiasm, they begin to realize just how unhealthy their coping mechanisms are. For Tetsu, it’s masochism in a way that only Zagan can deliver. For Zagan, it’s hiding the pain caused by PTSD behind intimate encounters.

While trapped in a Wonderland Hell due to each following their own figurative white rabbits — the ghosts of their past lovers — they must take an oath of purity given by a blind, omniscient ruler, and they are greeted with several trials that will test not only their mental strength, but the walls they have built to keep their pasts at bay. They must confront the ghosts face to face they tried so hard to erase, and they must repair the now crumbling partnership that has helped them survive if they want to see their home ever again.

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Everything Is Wonderful Now
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Urban Fantasy

Part 1 – Childhood: Sera, a 10-year-old, struggles with an anxiety disorder, psychotic symptoms, and heavy bullying at school — as well as from her father at home. She meets the fallen angel Byleth late one night while sorting through suicidal thoughts, and he becomes intrigued with her story and decides to become her guardian. She also has a dark aura surrounding her and is targeted by a nasty angel due to being a child of darkness, although she is a force for good. Of course, Byleth is there to protect her from harm.

Part 2 – Adulthood: Sera becomes Sean as he begins his transition. He experiences homelessness due to rejection, and he meets others like his childhood spirit guide along the way to help him cope — Zagan, a vampire, being one of them. Sean also learns more about why he was born with such a dark aura, but not before dealing with a serious illness due to one more challenge, which is fighting a nightmare entity through lucid dream states — mostly a result of his ailing mental health. Although his anxiety disorder is at its worst and he’s weak from barely eating, he has to confront fear itself before he can finally heal and move on.

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Lucid – A Nightmare Journal
Short Stories
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What happens when part of your brain decides to become conscious, yet, you’re still dreaming? Or at least, you think you are. Your eyes are open. A sense of dread envelopes you. Your heart rate increases and you aren’t sure if you’re awake or dreaming, or if what you’re seeing sitting at the edge of your bed is real or not. And you can’t move a muscle.

That uncertainty is existing in a strange liminal space you’re not supposed to see. It feels forbidden, and as much as you try to find a way to escape it, that shadow at the edge of your bed begins to take shape, and it’s staring at you. It wants to keep you there, and you’re paralyzed as a prisoner in your own body. All you can hope for is to truly wake up.

This is a short story collection inspired heavily by my nightmares.

What Lies Beyond
Short Story
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Late one night, Zagan, a vampire, finds himself searching a cemetery while wrought with grief. He doesn’t expect to find a spirit resting atop a grave — a spirit no one but the dead should see.

This being has no name and his identity is vague, but his touch brings emotional turmoil. He is equally distressed with the vampire’s need to befriend him and help him find happiness. Death is not meant to be happy.

Nor is he meant to have a name or leave his post, but after being kissed by a persuasive vampire in a mausoleum, anything just might be possible.

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Urban Fantasy
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Guthryn just wants to live peacefully among humans. As a demon with a curse of one of the seven deadly sins, he finds solace in the nightlife in L.A. and settles down with a lavish lifestyle. His personal lawyer and love interest, Karen, is the only person he needs. She’s the only one who knows his truth.

He should’ve known he couldn’t live in peace forever. When a late-night phone call from his lawyer turns into an exploration of an abandoned house, Guthryn discovers that the brother he’d left for dead centuries ago is still alive. And he isn’t human like Guthryn had thought, but he isn’t a demon either.

The ancient teenager is an abomination to both worlds, and he is none the wiser. Guthryn and Karen must calm his volatile temper and gain his trust before Hell comes to destroy him. Maybe if the boy can wake up, he can finally find a semblance of the family he spent over a hundred years looking for.

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