Lucid Dream Figure

Lucid Dream Figure

This is inspired by a figure from the first sleep paralysis dream I remember. I wrote a short story of the dream here on the blog, and you can find it here:

Of course, this is a more sexual representation of the figure and only inspired by it. I may redo this someday to make him more accurate.

When I had the sleep paralysis dream, this was the figure that held me down in my bed. He was mostly a shadow and I couldn’t move, and I struggled against his hands holding my arms down. It was an odd warping between my bedroom and the dream, and everything was stretched out and exaggerated in my twilight vision. Definitely an interesting experience.

Sleep paralysis dreams are a regular thing in my life now, but thankfully they aren’t as bad when my mental health is well. When I’m manic or having a mixed episode, they come on more frequently with sleep hallucinations and sounds. One time I hallucinated scratches all over the wall next to my bed, only to wake and see nothing.

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