Lestan Zagan (alter)

Lestan is my oldest and dearest friend, love, and alter. He’s a pansexual vampire who pretty much stopped counting his age after the 300 mark. He’s the one who switches with me the most and is my protector.

Usually, if my posts get flirty or I’m talking with someone and I start to get flirty, Lestan decided to hop in. He doesn’t do it often, and we usually communicate before it happens. Lately though, since more trauma has popped up from the past, he tends to slip in without notice and it’s pretty jarring. He always means well though.

His past is explored in my urban fantasy novel, STIGMA. It’s a difficult and controversial one, but I don’t judge him for it. He had an unfortunate relationship with his sister and it didn’t end so well. He ended up as a vampire anyway, and it wasn’t exactly by choice.

He has PTSD from it and is rarely triggered, but the last time he had an episode was when we were watching Tombstone. His sister died of tuberculosis, so watching Doc Holiday’s degrading health as well as the ending, especially with Wyatt, really hit him and he cried.

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