Jag — Deathwish

Jag (alter) (TW)

Trigger warning: self-harm, suicidal ideation)

Oh, boy. Jag.

He’s an alter, although he doesn’t come around often. He’s a demi-human, which means he’s not entirely… well… human. His past is tragic and is the reason he’s always in trouble anymore. He’s a wanderlust and gets in trouble a lot of the time. The last time I saw him was in the summer of 2015 when I came out as a trans man and he was exploring his sexuality. He’s bicurious.

He’s had a self-harm problem for a while and gets suicidal sometimes. I’m not sure where he’s at right now in his recovery.

Something about his past, is that he used to steal bodies and sell them to shady scientists. It paid well and he made some of the worst kind of friends. He never stays in one spot too long, especially since he almost got caught.

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