Daro (spirit guide)

Daro, or Darokin more proper, is one of my spirit guides. He’s a demon prince and very private about himself, and usually is lurking in the shadows to observe everything. He’s often quiet and keeps to himself, but he’s around as often as Lestan and Byleth, and he’s always happy to guide me spiritually. He’s been trying to get me to meditate more often, as well as get in touch with spirituality for healing. He recently recorded an anxiety meditation for me to listen to.

He’s been around since I was about 15, I think. Maybe 16. I was in high school at the time and nodding off during study hall. I still have the original sketch I did where I’d started to do some odd kind of automatic writing. ‘Darko’ and finally ‘Daro’ formed after I sketched a picture of him while half asleep. When I woke up, I was a bit alarmed and barely remembered it.

Over the years and after studying bit of demonology, I found that he was the demon Darokin. It explained his tribal look and his dark skin, as Darokin is derived from a Chaldean word, which refers to the Chaldeans who were Assyrian.

He allows me access to repressed memories as I need them for healing, but only ever lets me go as far as he thinks I can handle.

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