Cal (18+)

Cal (alter) (18+)

Cal is my most playful alter. They have memory loss and are regaining it slowly through the years, as I’ve known them since I was a pre-teen, but they’ve become someone else.

Cal came to me in a dream. They definitely were a bit spookier in the dream itself, and I remember it clearly to this day. I knew they were undead, as they told me after meeting them. In our headspace, we discovered their grave and they could make out their first name, Calubus, but their last name was smudged out. They chose Winters because winter is their favorite season, and when we met, they were always cold and couldn’t get warm no matter what we did.

Cal usually wears a wrap around their neck to hide the gory injury. They also wear a patch over their right eye because it’s also seen better days. They’re always very cheerful and childlike in their mannerisms, and they have more recently felt comfortable with being genderqueer. They’ve always been secure in their sexuality and are a sexual person.

They don’t come around often anymore but pop in every now and again. This picture was a more sexual one that I figured I should edit.

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