Beautiful Nightmare

Beautiful Nightmare

This odd creature came to me in a dream in the summer of 2015. It was very philosophical and I noted a lot of the things down it said. It called itself Beautiful Nightmare and it seemed to be older than time itself. It spoke of the beginning of time, what the universe was like before anything existed, and it introduced itself as a friend.

I made an animation about it last year, but I want to take the script and turn it into a short story. It’s very difficult to follow and complicated in its wording, often times containing very complex and strange ideas, but I’ve never been able to get Beautiful Nightmare out of my head.

I once went for a sleep study due to chronic nightmares and sleep paralysis being a problem, and there was some other issue going on, and I talked to my nurse about my dreams. I told her how strange and often vivid, sometimes linear and real, they were. She said she felt my dreams weren’t just mere dreams, but another experience entirely and I should pay attention to them. That there was a reason I had such philosophical and spiritual experiences.

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