Baalthazar (spirit guide/alter)

Baalthazar has been around since high school as well. I’m not sure if he’s a spirit guide or an alter, but I’ve been more likely to call him an alter. He’s extremely unstable and experiences psychotic symptoms, mostly in his speech patterns and vocal ranges, and his mannerisms. He’s fairly harmless, but he loves voodoo and making voodoo dolls out of mannequins. The most he does is cause mischief on a childish level. He once told me he made a doll of Asmodeus just to make him dance.

He doesn’t come around often and is really put off by Lestan, who he seems to loathe. He adores Daro though, as Daro is his protector. Daro is very fond of him as well, although my other spirit guide, Byleth, doesn’t like Baalthazar. He’s called him a half-breed and other awful insults, but we’re working on him being more kind.

Baalthazar was born between the forbidden relationship of a lower fiend and a demon. They both did not survive the outcome, but Baalthazar remained and it’s why he’s so unstable. He was ridiculed in Hell as an outcast and a being who was never meant to exist.

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