A new site addition!

Hey everyone!

I just wanted to give a quick heads up about a new addition to the site. In the main menu, I’ve linked to a new section that will be for my writing that contains mature content. Since a lot of my experiences with my alters and spirit guides are more mature in nature, rather it be through intimate experiences or offensive, crass language in abundance, I’ve decided to post those there as well.

You can find the new section of the site here:

iconfinder_wordpress_509674 copy


That also leads me to another addition to my creative endeavors, which is a podcast! I plan on doing my best to release a new episode every Thursday when possible. It’s a memoir on my life as a trans man with mental illness and plurality — one body with many people inside it. Stigmas will be crushed, and issues such as trauma, abuse, and mental illness will be talked about honestly with no censor. You can find that on the side bar of the blog or here:


I have a lot planned for 2020. Hopefully this will be a good year!

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