Coming September 22, a queer erotic horror novel. It's Only A Little Death. cover image: corner has a blue spider web coming down behind the tagline and title, which is cut off. Tagline is in white (being dead never felt so good), ti


It's Only A Little Death
(Coming September 22, 2024)

Silver's memories are gone, but that's the way death usually goes. You wake up by the Styx, you realize you're dead, you pick a name, and you pay Charon for a ride across the river. If you have nothing of value to give, Charon deals in other currencies too — including ones of the flesh.Silver soon finds themself sitting on a bed in a strange room. They're given a diary, which is the most important thing they now own, and a peer support worker, Ifris, who's less than stellar about the job.Silver isn't prepared to go through the stages of grief for their own death, but they're even less ready for the deal they made with Charon: Recover their memories and the reason they died in record time, and they get to avenge their murder.There's one problem; the only way to trigger memories is to create a shock to the system, which is easily attained by having an explosive climax at the hands of the beasts that hold Silver's life story.

Content Warning; this story contains some sensitive subject matter, including drug addiction, violence, police brutality, and transphobia/homophobia. There are also several sexually explicit scenes, many involving humanoid monsters.

Everything Is Wonderful Now
(The Requiem Series: Book 1)

Ten-year-old Sera is isolated and depressed; bullied at school and at home by her father. Her mind gives her no respite, suffering from a panic disorder and a second voice in her head that forces violent, intrusive thoughts.She meets the fallen angel Byleth one night while wanting to end her life. He isn't a fan of kids and intends to leave immediately, but Sera's aura catches his eye. It's dark, and it isn't from her trauma that pulls at his heartstrings. It's also attracted a corrupt angel who wants to rid the world of another Hellspawn child.Sera has a lot on her plate, but as she ages and transitions to Sean, a disabled trans man with PTSD, he not only meets more spirit guides from Hell, he realizes that his biggest threat has always been the 'other' that dwells in his own head.

Content Warning; This story contains sensitive subject matter mentioning suicidal thoughts, religious trauma, mentions of past animal abuse, self-harm, an eating disorder, alcoholism, bullying, domestic abuse (with a mention of past sexual abuse), and child abuse.

Open Wound
(The Requiem Series: Book 2)

After the angel that threatened his life, Sean faced his frightening alter, Vexis, who haunted his dreams. With the help of Byleth, Zagan, and Darokin, he thinks his troubles are finally behind him. Little does he know that PTSD is a beast lying dormant in waiting to emerge. It ends up influencing everything, including the way he perceives reality.Vexis was the reason Sean remained in a trauma loop for so long, but something changes within them as they decide to work with him; they want to help him heal from trauma after years of prolonging it. Being a sadist who is unable to feel love, it results in a twisted and sexual masochistic relationship that Sean becomes addicted to.As Vexis takes him through various liminal space voids and dark memories — theirs included — they reveal that they are something much more frightening and ancient than an angel or a demon.Can Vexis really be trusted? Or are they opening Sean's wounds to let something sinister slip inside...

Content Warning; this story contains heavy and difficult subjects, such as domestic abuse (including a non-descriptive mention of past sexual assault) and general abuse, dubious consent, transphobia, self-harm, suicide, violence, derealization/depersonalization, and trauma symbolism. There is also explicit sexual content involving sadomasochism and bondage.

Short Stories

Something is wrong with Phaeton's brain and the warped way it perceives reality, but his dreams are clear and vivid. Day doesn't exist and a black void is the only thing he sees outside his windows, but this is just the way it's always been. Right?

Content Warning; If you have a dissociative disorder or other mental health symptoms that cause depersonalization and/or derealization, you may find this story triggering in the way it confuses, and toys with, reality and unreality.

Monsters Only (novelette)

Content Warning; this story involves stalking, mild body horror, and a consensual explicit sex scene with a humanoid monster. If you have ommetaphobia (a fear of eyes), this story may make you uncomfortable.

Jensen Black is a horror writer and a shut-in, and that's the way he prefers it to be. His books aren't doing well, but he finally gets his first big fan.Flattering private messages become obsessive. Emails become plentiful and creepy. A package waiting for him at the post office covered in doodles, along with a notice that the sender is coming to visit, is finally enough.Jensen doesn't expect what the next twenty-four hours have in store for him: an unsettling bit of self-discovery, and the frightening — but oddly sexy — truth behind the bandages covering his stalker's body.

Late one night, Zagan, a vampire, searches a cemetery for his sister's grave on the anniversary of her death. He doesn't expect to find a spirit resting atop a tombstone nearby — a spirit no one but the dead should see. The entity has no name, but his touch brings emotional turmoil. Zagan is more than intrigued, and a curious question arises; "What kind of chaos would happen if I kissed Death itself, I wonder?"

Content Warning; this story contains a mention of past loss of a sister.

After the love of my life was murdered, I moved to a new town with the hope that I could start over. Everything seemed to go well, and I prepared to settle in for some much-needed peace while I grieved. Ingaret, however, was not like the others. She invited me to dinner as the neighborly thing to do. It was to be a grand affair with the most interesting people around, and it would last into the witching hour while we played a morbid game...

Content Warning; this story contains homophobia, wiccaphobia (fear of witchcraft), violence, and mild suggestive content.